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Strat in the empty Garden Tomb

Strat Goodhue was born and raised in Hawaii. He graduated from Kalaheo High School in Kailua, and went to college in Hawaii and California. He didn’t have any real goals in life, and believing that people evolved by random chance from primordial goo, he didn’t think life had meaning or purpose. His life was radically changed at the age of 30, when he entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Strat sold his high-rise window cleaning business and spent 9 months in the South Pacific nation of Tonga as a missionary. He returned to Hawaii where he was eventually ordained and served as the associate pastor of Calvary Chapel Windward for five years. He’s been happily married to Doreen (also from Kailua, Hawaii) for 20 years. Strat and Doreen served on staff of Gospel for Asia, a missionary organization, in their U.S. office in Texas for 10 years. Strat served as the coordinator of the Church Relations Department and spoke in churches across the U.S. about the need for the Gospel in unreached areas of the world. The Goodhues currently serve with Serve India Ministries, a ministry that trains independent pastors in India and gives them a vision to plant churches in five villages during their five years of training. Serve India is now training more than 6,000 pastors who are working in more than 30,000 villages. Strat is the Executive US Director of Serve India (and Doreen assists him) and has written two books: How to Know the Will of God and The Place of Joy. Strat and Doreen currently live in Renton, Washington.

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  1. As I opened this book, the first thing I thought of was a young girl that I met when living in a neighborhood we moved in to because of prayer walks and knowing that this was the neighborhood that had received the most 911 calls at the time; about 10 years ago, and then meeting up with her again at my granddaughter’s home. She heard me talking to my daughter about hearing God speak to me ever so clearly…….and so she asked “How do you hear God speak, did you hear his voice?” This is the perfect book for her!…and that was only the introduction! I received clear revelation at least once in every chapter of this book! It is as simplistic as when I received this book as well as a new couple in Christ who gave me this book! I am now doing a study on the book with a small group on Marrowstone Island, Washington. Thank-you for the easy direction to receiving God’s will. I will do my best to know God in a deeper and richer way than I have ever imagined…and this work will be spread from me to the young girl, to all of those in the study, to all of those in their lives and on forever glorifying God. In Christ, Jacquie

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